humping experiences
masterbation monday!

you know what that meanssss….PILLOW TIME!

today is the day!

im sooo excited i get to hop my ass back on my pillows today! definately about to do it big :) happy friday everyone! i know mine is gonna be a good un..

happy humpday!

Hump away!!

check out this humping video!


IIITSSSSS #HUMPDAY! Happy humpday you guys (:

happy humpday pictures will be up soon!

put up more photos and videos of you doing it please! can't wait to see it

i am today!

i want to see you fuck a pillow can you put a video up?

i will soon (:

coming your way!

Right now im on my period, horny as hell! So when i get off there will definately be some pictures and maybe a short video of me humping(: So be watching for that! Love you guys, muah muah! xoxoxo

"How it all started" Continued..

5th grade i moved to a new house and different city. Since then i hadnt talked to Katherine. But when i moved to this new house, is when i came up with new ideas. For awhile i had stopped humping, i had forgotten about it. By 6th grade i had started back again :) This house has a downstairs, with a back room, which i where i had started. I got a new table and started to hump on it. When my parents werent home, i would close the door to my room, open up my windows and hump in front of them. The though of someone maybe watching me turned me on, and i would hump away as cars passed by. Then i decided to stop the table hump when i started to go downstairs in the back room again. i would use the cushin foot rest, and pile 2 pillows from the couch on top(they were body sized) and i would stick a pillow from my bad on top, and hump away. I always wore cotton underwear. But i liked the feeling of my ass being free to bounce around, so i would either fix the panties like a thong, or just pull the back down so that my cheeks were out. Then i decided to start using mirrors, so that i could watch my ass bouncing away. i started to use music, and i would grind to the beat while watching myself in the mirror. Currently this is what i do! I have mutiple Cds that i have made dedicated to my pillow humping. I have a radio that plays deep bass, i love to bounce to that. Pillow humping changed my life (:

How it all started..

To be honest, i dont rememer the 1st time i humped. I do remember me and my cousin used to do it together. When she would spend the night, we would sleep in the same bed, wait till our parents went to bed and pulled our panties down. One would be on bottom, laying there, and the other would be on top, humping the others ass. This would go on until we orgasmed( of course we didnt know what it was back then). Then we would swith the positions! It was sooooo good! I used to get this stuffed animal, tie it around my stomach, and hump it while walking around. The day i realized i wasnt the only humper, was my first day of 3rd grade. There was this girl names Katherine. She had long dirty blonde hair, and a butter face. We both sat in the back of class, back then, we had the wooden desks with the chairs attached. One day, the teacher was at the board teaching and Katherine stood up out of her seat, stuck her pussy on the edge of the desk, and started humping away. I remember her face would be all red, and she would make moaning sounds. I was shocked, but turned on at the same time! I was also inspired. I havent talked to katherine in forever, but if youre reading this, you make my humping what it is today!(amazing) That day when i got home, i pulled out my little tea table. it was square, and tall enough for me. I place my stuffed animal face down, on the corner of the table, and started humping it just like Katherine did during class. It was the best feeling ever! Waay better than the hard corner of a desk! Instead i had a nice, soft, cotton animal between my legs. I would do this almost everyday. Until i moved up, to pillows :) I would stack them high on my bed with the stuffed animal on top. I would bounce away on them, with no panties on. That shit felt sooo fucking good! And i either did this, or on the table for years! Until i grew taller, too tall for the table. And then i would just hump on my bed with the pillows and stuffed animals.